Women Flashing

Women Flashing
A collection of Flash Fiction from Women’s Writing Workshops

Edited by Maire Fisher
Published by Women’s Writing Workshops

Review of Women Flashing by Kim Donnelly in South Africa Writing Vol 1, January 2006

This is a ‘must have’ collection of flash fiction compiled from Anne Schuster’s all women writing groups, edited by Maire Fisher and published by Women’s Writing Workshops. these compact tales romp through the nooks and crannies of our every day experience leaving in their wake the sense that somehow, somewhere someone had been in your shoes at least once.

Rather than being strictly divided into genres the stories are poured out in a steady stream, land-marked along the way by lines of poetry by Colleen Higgs. Lines like ‘I like to turn back’, ‘tenderness falls like nightfall’ and ‘finally to speak the unspeakable,’ mark your way through groups of stories with a common thread.

This little gem belongs in your handbag, next to your bed or the loo, wherever it is that you take time out to reflect and see yourself in the greater scheme of things. This greater scheme is our daily living and how we respond to it. We fight with our social system, our families, our partners and ourselves. We are kind, naive, wise and ignorant – all depending on where we are standing at the time and this book is made up of one hundred and five possibilities life could have thrown at us.