Living on the Fence

Living on the Fence
Poems by women who are refugees from various countries in Africa

Compiled and Edited by Mary Magdalene Yuin Tal and Anne Schuster

Come to this book to hear its voices and stories, its sadness and hard-earned pleasures. In these poems sixteen writers become known to us. And what sweet and illuminating recognition there is in their stories – profound, funny and private. The writers are women who have experienced fear and tragedy which linger in memory and the remembering body. And yet we will read the poems collected here not only for solidarity, for sympathy, but for the loveliness of the writing.

Gabeba Baderoon

Amna Ngoyi (DRC), Amy Kashama (DRC), Epiphanie Mukasano (Rwanda), Flora Mandudu (Uganda), Florence Kituyi (Uganda), Juliette Dusabe Hakiza (Rwanda), Justine Nzayisenga Sibomana (Rwanda), Liliane Kwizera Limenyande (Rwanda), Mary Magdalene Yuin Tal (Cameroon), Maryann Tal (Cameroon),Ngwetoh Nchangmum Wanka (Cameroon), Peggy Kashama (DRC), Precilia Chuloi (Cameroon) , Tereza Mupanga (DRC),Tiye Tshilemba (DRC), Vanessa Mario (Angola).

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