Latest publication- Kilimajaro on my Lap, by Epiphanie Mukasano

KILIMANJARO ON MY LAP by Epiphanie Mukasano
published by DAKINI (May 2010)

This collection of poems by Epiphanie Mukasano is edited by Gabeba Baderoon who says on the cover:

In Kilimajaro on my Lap Epiphanie Mukasano has written a collection of poetry as sanctuary. The stories and images recounted here are honest in their recollection of suffering, yet do not dwell there nor seek too quick a solace. Indeed, they feel both necessary and serene. In the collection, the speakers contemplate the buffeting political forces that have displaced them and the distances they have travelled since. Even more than war, the poems reveal the breathtaking power of poverty to render people invisible. Poetry’s power is to unveil its speakers. Atop the highest mountain on the continent, taken for a beggar with neither history nor significance, a speaker surveys the world before her with clear and encompassing grace. Her lucid and compassionate view of the world, burnished by memory and unstinting labour, makes a sanctuary out of hard ground. This is a collection of rare accomplishment by a welcome new poetic voice.

About the author:

EPIPHANIE MUKASANO is originally from Rwanda where she used to be a teacher. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature and now lives as a refugee in Cape town with her husband and children. Her poems have been published in Living on the Fence (2007), and she contributed a story to the collection of birth stories Just keep breathing, published by Jacana in 2008. Most recently, Cambridge University Press has published her children’s story Shema and the goat (2009).

Available from Clarke’s Bookshop in Long Street, Kalk Bay Books and direct from Anne Schuster.


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